Art Therapy

Jemima Moody


Whenever illness is associated with loss of soul, the arts emerge spontaneously as remedies, soul medicine. Pairing art and medicine stimulates the creation of a discipline through which the imagination treats itself and recycles its vitality into daily living
— Shaun McNiff


  • Art therapy can be construed as soul work wherein the principles which vitalise us and illuminate the world as a vibrant field for our living fully are discovered, engaged and expressed. 

  • To heal by creating pathways into the worlds of individual and groups which allows them to map and dialogue with aspects of themselves and their worlds using art. 

  • To facilitate self-realisation which moves people toward a higher level of functioning in which their resources and potentials are recognised, integrated, to create growth and personal power and meaning. 

  • Art therapy is properly a part of the healing professions in that it drew its inspiration from the use of art in psychotherapy. The meaning of the term ‘psychotherapy’ derived from its Greek roots, is ‘care of the soul’. 

  • It also means that the person is assisted to discover or create the meaning of their life’s journey and to live it through optimal participation in it, rather than being an observer or stranger, alienated from self and the world. 

  • The attitude of Transpersonal Art Therapy is one of appreciation and openness to dialogue rather than analysis.